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*Average Score Increase on the SAT is Over 300 Points!

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Recent College and Grad School Acceptances Include: 

Columbia University, NY
Dartmouth College, NH 
Princeton University, NJ*
University of Pennsylvania, PA
Yale University, CT

University of California, Berkeley 
University of California, Davis
University of California, Irvine
University of California, Los Angeles 
University of California, Riverside 
University of California, San Diego
University of California, Santa Barbara
University of California, Santa Cruz 

Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo, CA 
California State University Channel Islands, CA
California Western School of Law, CA
Chapman University, CA
Chico State University, CA
Claremont McKenna College, CA
Harvey Mudd College, CA
Humboldt State University, CA
Loyola Marymount University, CA
Pepperdine University, CA*
Pomona College, CA
San Diego State University, CA 
Santa Clara University, CA
Sonoma State University, CA
University of San Diego, CA*
University of Southern California, CA

University of Alabama, AL

Arizona State University, AZ
University of Arizona, AZ

University of Colorado Boulder, CO
University of Denver, CO

Fairfield University, CT 
University of Connecticut, CT

University of Delaware, DE

Loyola University Chicago, IL

DePauw University, IN 
Indiana University, IN* 
Purdue University, IN

Tulane University, LA

Loyola College of Maryland, MD

Amherst College, MA
Boston University, MA 
College of the Holy Cross, MA 
Northeastern University, MA
Stonehill College, MA 
Wheaton College, MA

University of Mississippi, MS

Drew University, NJ 

Hobart and William Smith Colleges, NY
Hofstra University, NY
New York University, NY 
St. Lawrence University, NY

Elon University, NC
Wake Forest University, NC 

Denison University, OH 
Ohio State, OH 
Otterbein College, OH 

Lewis & Clark College, OR
Williamette University, OR

Haverford College, PA
Penn State, PA
Villanova University, PA

Providence College, RI 

Sewanee: The University of the South, TN
Vanderbilt University, TN 

Baylor University, TX
Southern Methodist University, TX
University of the Incarnate Word, TX 
University of Texas at Austin, TX

University of Vermont, VT

University of Puget Sound, WA
University of Washington, WA

American University, Washington, DC

* Students have been accepted in both the undergraduate and graduate programs (including Law, Business, and/or Grad school)
At College Prep Tutoring, we provide tutoring services for students who are applying to high school, college, and graduate school. 

Our youngest students are preparing for admission to some of the county’s top private/independent schools with the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam).  The Bishop's School, Francis Parker, and La Jolla Country Day all require this test.  Some students applying to private high schools will need to take the SSAT (Secondary School Achievement Test).

Students who are planning ahead begin preparing for the PSAT the summer before their sophomore year of high school. 

SAT IIs or the Subject Tests (parents may remember them as Achievement Tests) can be taken in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade... sometimes even in 12th grade. 

SAT and ACT instruction begins in 10th or 11th grade. 

Our greatest success stories come from students who prepared for the SAT the summer before their Junior year.  They took the SAT the first week in October and then the PSAT for the National Merit Scholarship Competition the following week.  These students are relieved to have their SAT completed in the fall of their Junior year and thereby able to concentrate all their energy on their GPA and extracurricular activities.

It is best to take the SAT Subject Tests in May or June of the year in which you are studying the particular subject in school.

College graduates must take the GRE in order to apply to graduate school.  The GRE underwent a major change on August 1, 2011.  Our students have done extremely well on this "new GRE," despite the fact that historically, student scores drop after a test revision. (When the GRE last made updates in 2002, median scores dropped seven points and continued to decline for the next five years.)
The GMAT is best for Business School applications, and the LSAT is required for Law School admissions.

Your personal tutor can help you prepare for standardized tests and assist you in the writing and revision of your personal statement.

Our services are customized to you and your needs and we have a flexible schedule because we know you are busy.

Wall of Fame: Top Scores

SAT Scores (out of 800/section, 2400 total):

Highest SAT Overall

2380   Colin G. - The Bishop's School
2320   Alex C. - Westview
2260   Grant A. - Carlsbad High School
2250   Sarah M. - Westview

2240   Makenzie M. - La Jolla High
2240  Nolan M. - University City

Highest SAT Critical Reading
800   Alex C. - Westview
800   Colin G - The Bishop's School
800   Makenzie M. - La Jolla High
760  Nolan M. - University City
760 Sienna G. - Westview

Highest SAT Math

800   Grant A. - Carlsbad High School
800   Colin G. - The Bishop's School
770   Alex C. - Westview
770   Ram P. - La Jolla High
770   Kaley O. - Westview
770  McKenna D. - Fallbrook
770  Nolan M. - University City

Highest SAT Writing

800   Sarah M. - Westview
    Ram P. - La Jolla High
780   Colin G. - The Bishop's School
750   Alex C. - Westview
750   Matt S. - Westview

Highest Essay
11     Kate P. - Cathedral Catholic
11     Ram P. - La Jolla High
11   Abby F. - Westview
11   Jessica M. - Francis Parker

Most Improved SAT

550 points   Max G. - Point Loma High
510 points   Daniel C. - Westview
460 points   Kaley O. - Westview

440 points   Makenzie M. - La Jolla High
440 points   Katherine V. - Westview
430 points   Mark W. - Westview
420 points  Shaudi M. - Health Science High
420 points   Meri H. - The Bishop's School

ACT Scores (out of 36):

Highest ACT Overall

35   Andrew H. - Westview
34  Nolan M. - University City

32   Dylan M. - Canyon Crest Academy
31   Ben S. - Health Science High
31   Kate L. - Canyon Crest Academy 
31   Remi L. - The Bishop's School
31  Andrew S. - Health Science High

Most Improved ACT

6 points   Dylan M. - Canyon Crest Academy
5 points   Taylor S. - Point Loma High
5 points   Andrew H. - Westview

PSAT Scores (out of 240):

Highest PSAT Scores

238   Kyle G. - The Bishop's School
215   Mackenzie M. - La Jolla High

ISEE Stanine Scores (out of 9):

Highest ISEE Scores

Verbal Reasoning:  7  Haley G. - Solana Santa Fe

Quantitative Reasoning:  8   Giselle A. - Montessori 
8   Andrew M. - Solana Pacific

Reading Comprehension:  8   Mateen G. - Miramar Ranch

Math Achievement:  8   Andrew M. - Solana Pacific

GMAT Scores (out of 800):

Highest GMAT Scores

690   Bradley B. - George Washington University BA
690  Derek B. - Stanford BA, MA
640  Jill M. - Wharton BS

New GRE Scores (out of 170/section):

Highest New GRE Verbal
166 Veronica G. - Bioengineering
163   Shereen C. - Clinical Psychology

Highest New GRE Quantitative
163 Veronica G. - Bioengineering
Shereen C. - Clinical Psychology

GRE Scores (out of 800/section, 1600 total):

Highest GRE Overall

1440   Kyla T. - Cultural Sociology
1370   David M. - Theology

Highest GRE Verbal

670   Kyla T. - Cultural Sociology
640   David M. - Theology

Highest GRE Math

770   Kyla T. - Cultural Sociology
770  Kaitlin T. - Psychology
730   David M. - Theology

Most Improved GRE

510 points   Jeremy G. - Rabbinical Studies

290 points   Mary S. - Architecture

Perfect Scores:


800 on SAT Critical Reading:

Mackenzie M. - La Jolla High

Alex C. - Westview
Colin G. - The Bishop's School

800 on SAT Math:
Colin G. - The Bishop's School
Grant A. - Carlsbad High School

800 on SAT Writing:

Sarah M. - Westview

800 on the SAT II Subject Test in World History:

Grant M. - The Bishop's School

800 on the SAT II Subject Test in Math 2:

Alex C. - Westview

36 on ACT Reading:

Ben S. - Health Science High

36 on  ACT Science:
Andrew H. - Westview

It is never too early -- or too late -- to start preparing for standardized tests with the help of a personal tutor!

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